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December 7, 2013
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IL-FUTURO: Havoc by chexuka IL-FUTURO: Havoc by chexuka
 [ Identification Card ] = Here

 [ Identification Number ] = #H2394V


 [ Name ] = Henry Venters

 [ Nickname ] = Havoc 
✧He prefers being called this over his real name.

 [ Age ] = 24

 [ Date of Birth ] = November 25, 1989

Sex ] = Male


 [ Hair Colour ] = Black but dyed Copper Brown
Here's a better view of it.

 [ Eye Colour ] = Honey Brown

★ Height ] = 5'8 Feet |-| 173 C

★ Weight ] = 60 Kg

 [ Nationality ] =  British Italian


 [ Arcana ] = Minor

★ [ Card ] = VI of Cups


 [ Ability ]
Memory Influx
|-He's able to bring back memories from within a person's mind through direct eye contact. The victim basically relives the scene again as if they were really at that given point of time.|

 [ Ability Limitation ]
✦As of now, he can only bring back horrible memories.
✦Only one memory is chosen per time.
✦The longer the said memory is, the more exhausted/stressed he becomes. For example, after 10 minutes, he may experience a nosebleed.
✦He relives those same memories along with the victim, taking a toll on his well-being as well. Henry may get confused at times, trying to sort out his own memories from the ones he's seen.
✦He has little control over his power; Because of this, he wears sunglasses often to prevent himself from hurting others just by meeting their eyes. 

★ [ Weapon of Choice ] = .44 Magnum + Eyes

 [ Reason for Joining ]
✧To finally be of use to someone, considering how his power drove most people away from him. 
✧To earn enough money to support himself and his studies.

 [ Occupation ]
✦Unemployed, but currently taking independent studies on Psychology.

 [ ✧Likes✧ | = | ✦Dislikes✦ ]
✧Guns |To an extent.|
✧Shooting Practice
✦Taking off his glasses in public
✦Anyone else who tries to take off his glasses
✦High prices
✦Getting too close to people
✦Loud people
✦Bright places

 [ Personality ]
    |He may try to keep himself indifferent and cold towards others, but he really just doesn't want to form any relationships in fear that he may accidentally hurt them. It's the reason why he prefers to be called by his alias rather than his true name. Once he does actually get close to another person, they'll find that he's more kindhearted than he is cold.|
✧Good Humored
    |Although he may not show it most of the time, he'd love a good laugh and would probably open up faster to friendly companions who do so too.|
✧Quiet = |For the most part.|
    |If put into a room with others, he generally minds his own business and keeps to himself, unless, of course, someone talks to him first.|
    |Henry tends to forget various things, seeing as how he already has too many memories to deal with. Unless he's actually interacted with a person/been involved in an event, it's highly unlikely that he'll be able to remember them/it. 
    |He may sometimes get paranoid about people touching his glasses or trying to remove them. He's not very comfortable with the thought of showing his eyes outside of work, so it's best not to ask about his constant use of sunglasses.|
    Due to the various memories, he's started to develop a bit of a Dissociative Personality Disorder as a way of coping with them. He may think of himself as another person entirely after using his powers, depending on how intense the memory was. If met with an extremely traumatizing memory, he may end up relapsing into a more eccentric personality than his usual self. Said personality may last for a few minutes to a few hours before he finally "wakes" up. The only other time this personality may appear is if his current state of mind is extremely stressed out (ex: heavy drinking, in the event that something extremely bad does actually happen in the present.)
    |Havoc tends to be more bitter towards other and more talkative as well, usually making sarcastic offhand comments.|
✦A Bit of a Liar
    |He's a tricky one to deal with, trying to keep others on their toes as a form of amusement. That being said, he also doesn't trust very easily and will be extremely annoyed if you so much as refer to himself as Henry.|
    |Unlike his original personality, Havoc actually enjoys the misery he gets from obtaining the memories, being more accepting of them than he would normally be.| 

 [ History ] = |Hit Ctrl+F and enter >> to skip.

    Born as the illegitimate child of an Englishman and his Italian mistress, Henry's first memories were that of an orphanage. His mother was said to have been too young to take care of him and left him at a house for abandoned children in England.

    Nevertheless, his childhood was a fairly happy one.

    The caregivers there were extremely loving, always looking out for each and every child within the house. As for the children, they had trouble getting along here and there, but overall, they considered each other as family. Well, a temporary family at least. Most of the children where ecstatic about the idea of having parents, often talking about what they'd do with their new families and getting ready for their interviews with numerous potential parents. Henry was one of these kids. Caring and supportive, he'd give many of his “siblings” a hug before they left, wishing them luck and eagerly awaiting his turn.

    The time came to pass when he'd chance. A fairly young couple was supposed to come to the orphanage for a visit. They've lost their only child a while back and, after years of grieving over his death, decided to move on and start anew. While it was thrilling that he'd finally be able to have a family, Henry felt sad about actually leaving the orphanage behind. He didn't want to just leave there without doing something nice for his temporary family. And so, he ended up spending the day before his appointment helping out the caregivers with grocery shopping. Or at least, half of it.

    During the time that one of the caretakers took to load the said groceries into the car, the young child witnessed a truck accident on the nearby road. A much smaller van was crushed in the event, effectively crushing the family of four inside it, all in a matter of minutes. And right before his eyes. Henry felt the moment of impact, how much the glass hurt against their skin, the truck pushing and pushing through them and every single crack of their bodies as they were torn apart by the tragic event. It didn't matter if he didn't know the family or that he was safely out of the truck's boundaries. He felt every bone-crushing detail of the crash as if he were in it. A surge immense pain rushed through his body, filling each and every fiber with terror, all of them telling him to scream.

    Next thing he knew, he was back at the house, having just woken up in cold sweat. Apparently, he passed out shortly after the accident occurred and though the thought of the event seemed to have left him shaken, he still needed to get ready. After all, it was the day of the interview. At first, things went fairly well. The couple and him conversed, briefly introducing themselves to him. Then, he started remembering the deceased family, silently pondering if that same instance might happen to his new family.

    He must've been accidentally ignoring the couple's comment, seeing as how the woman in front of him was asking if he was alright. Henry looked up at her worriedly, unsure of what to say. It was then that he saw it. The stillborn baby in his arms. The excruciating pain he felt in his chest. The countless tears that must've fallen off of his face. The first glimpses of a memory that plagued her heart. The woman screamed, sobbing heavily, the sound pulling him back into reality. The man quickly put his arms around her, trying to comfort his spouse, all whilst looking suspiciously over the boy. He and his wife left immediately, going on and on about how “that child” is cursed. Ever since then, he was never really able to get adopted. It was always the same story. He'd look into the parents' eyes and see a devastating part of their lives, only to get rejected again and again. Then, it was some of the caregivers. After that, the a few of the children. Eventually, people began distancing themselves away from him, labeling him as dangerous. Needless to say, there were those that really did still care for him and knew that he was, all in all, a good kid. One of them was an elderly caretaker by the name of Clara.

    She was a rather kind and motherly person; most of the kids considered her as the grandmother they never had. While she helped in taking care of many of the children, she looked after Henry the most, almost always there to scold him if he did something wrong, talk to him when he needed a friend and cheer him up when he was down. She even took on the initiative to teach Henry herself. (The caregivers agreed that sending him to an actual school may be both risky for him and his peers.) When one of the caregivers called in for doctors from a mental asylum to come for him, she and a handful of trusted friends ensured that both her and the boy could safely run away from the orphanage.

    The two made their way out of England and into France, settling over at Strasbourg. She'd managed to rent a small apartment for both of them, that of which they would peacefully live in for a couple of years. Once Henry reached the appropriate age, he tried looking for various jobs that would give him money to help support his small family. He was hired for many of them, but each one seemed to end with the same old incident. His caretaker bought a pair of sunglasses for him to wear after those events, but they still needed to move. Rumors about the black-haired teen with lightly colored eyes started to spread like fire and they feared that the asylum doctors would try searching for him there.

    Year after year, month after month, they always moved to a different house until eventually, they were broke. The pair ended up homeless, stuck in the streets of Padua, Italy. What's more was that Clara had grown fatally ill as a result old age. Putting the young man's needs before hers, she gave Henry what little belongings she previously had with her kept and persuaded him to go forth and live on his own. Find a stable job. Support himself. She knew she didn't have much time left to stay with him. He knew it as well. With a heavy heart, he left her and moved east towards Venice.

    He stayed homeless for another month or so until he overheard soft rumors of a nearby mafia at a local bar, one that contained members with strange abilities like his own. Taking this information into account, he sought to join it, hoping to be able to finally be able to have a useful purpose for his abilities and to be able to live on his own. Who knows? Maybe he'll even learn how to control his powers a bit better.

>> ★ [ TL;DR ] = | He was an illegitimate child left at an orphanage and ended up triggering his ability after he saw a truck/car accident as a young child. His power got out of hand and one of the caretakers there actually called someone from a mental asylum to come pick him up. Another caregiver ran off with Henry and the two couldn't have a stable settlement because his power kept messing things up. Eventually they ran out of money and the kind caregiver grew frail and extremely sick, so Henry went off to try to find the mafia in hopes of being able to support himself and control his powers.

 [ Quotes ]
"It's a tad bit too bright here, love."
"HAH HAH, nojk give me back my glasses."

 [ Relationships ]
Apoca: A very good friend of his. Being his first friend within the group, he thinks rather fondly of her and treats her like a little sister. He's also protective of her as a result.
In contrast, Havoc hates her with a burning passion. He loves to mess with her, doing whatever he can to make her snap- usually getting dismayed when he's unable to do so. Gets irritated whenever she tries to befriend him.

Ettore: A friend and somewhat of a fatherly figure to Henry. He enjoys his company and the fact that they share an interest in puns/the sort. Ettore's tendency to buy a plethora of expensive things does worry him, but he seems to be doing just fine.... right? Calls him Daddy at times to tease him.

Ellis: Henry's best friend. He thinks of the other very dearly and feels as if he can really be himself with him. He's a tad fascinated with Ellis' knowledge on flowers which he may or may not think is utterly adorable. Likes his snarky replies and appreciates the fact that he laughs at his jokes. Always tries to cheer him up with puns whenever he sees the other worrying. As of now, he's currently dating him.
Much like his counterpart, Havoc does seem to have feelings for Ellis. He's seen at his kindest to him, though, if seen by others, he may start acting bitter again. He /had/ previously tried to keep him away, but Ellis seems to be the only one that really seems to genuinely understand him. Gets jealous of Henry every so often since he can't remember his alter ego's experiences with him.

Celeste: Respects her highly and thinks that she's kind. However, he gets nervous around her since she gets a little too close for his comfort.


 [ Miscellaneous ]
✧May refer to others as "love."
✧Tends to loosen up more at home. It's one of the only times he'd take off his glasses besides when he's working.
✧Always carries his glasses case around with him.
✧Hates contacts with a passion; Tried them on once and it hurt like crazy.
✧Makes his own food most of the time with the help of online recipes.
✧Dyed his hair to help keep himself from being recognizable by those doctors.
✧Goes on and one about saving money, but ends up spending most of it on books for research, sunglasses and new technology.
✧Usually introduces himself by his alias, though he'll reveal his first name if: 1) he trusts you. 2) the other individual reveals another one of their names as well.
✦Clara, the caretaker who practically raised him was his grandmother |from his father's side.|
     ✧She was hesitant about even accepting him into the orphanage from his mother at first, but eventually warmed up to her grandson.

Havoc (c) chexuka
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